George Brown is the founder and President of Database Solutions. For over 25 years, Database Solutions has been developing and implementing computer applications and systems.

George has a very long history in designing and developing computer applications. His first experience was part of the American Airlines Sabre deployment team in the 70's - before PC's and the Internet! This picture shows the first installation of a carrier system in a commercial business. In those days, George had hair on his lip and head.

For the past twenty-five years, George, has served as Chief Information Officer for several Fortune 500 companies. In 1994 he served as the Project Manager on the first Cable Modems trial in the world. This project provided a great deal of very early Internet experience. Since that project George and Database Solutions has developed a number of unique Internet and E-commerce solutions.

George is the author of Database Solutions process for identifying the life cycle of the next generation technology. It is that proven process that qualifies him to host The DigitalHour. Using that process, listeners will learn what products and technologies are important, relevant and ready to implement today.