Microsoft Windows Server 2003

The Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family helps organizations do more with less. Every day you're asked to make your infrastructure more efficient, keep everyone productive, deliver more applications. And do all this faster, more securely, and at lower cost. Now you can. The Windows Server 2003 family takes the best of Windows 2000 Server technology and makes it easier to deploy, manage, and use. The result: a highly productive infrastructure that helps make your network a strategic asset for your organization.
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Artisoft TeleVantage 5

Artisoft TeleVantage is the feature-rich, software-based business phone system that combines the power of your desktop computer with the most advanced PBX communications technology available today. Built on an open-systems architecture, TeleVantage provides more value for your office while safeguarding your investment.

Plantronics CS50 Wireless Headset System

The Plantronics CS50 Wireless Office Headset System brings the ultimate in mobility and handsfree conversations to your phone. The CS50 gives you eight hours of talk time and the wireless convenience to roam up to 300 feet with secure conversations. And remotely taking or ending a call is as simple as pressing a button with the optional Plantronics HL10 Lifter.

Brightec Night Luminescent Photographic Paper

Brightec Night Luminescent Photographic Paper creates high-quality pictures that allow photographic details to be seen in the dark. With Brightec technology, the user can create full-color products that appear normal by day but luminescent at night. Brightec patented paper is many times brighter than commonplace “glow-in-the-dark” products.

Davis CarChip™

Award-winning CarChip—finalist in TechTV’s 2003 Best of CES awards and winner of SEMA 2003 Best Engineered New Product—consists of a tiny “black box” data logger, a CD with software for analyzing the data, and a cable and power adapter for downloading. The data logger plugs into the OBDII connector in your car, where it continuously collects and stores data from the car’s computer control systems.

VistaFrame Digital Picture Frame

VistaFrame is a digital picture frame offering consumers a simple and easy way to display their digital pictures anytime, directly from a memory card. VistaFrame's slideshow feature allows users to easily showcase pictures on a personalized display. VistaFrame has two built-in memory card readers compatible with most memory card formats, eliminating the need for a computer.


PRINTASIA Photo by ILFORD includes a range of products that will give your images the look and feel of a real photographic print. The Photo Pearl Paper has Genuine look and feel of a true professional photograph. Real Photographic Resin Coated Paper, 240 g/m², Brilliant eye catching colors, Fade resistant, Fast drying and ideal for Epson®, HP®, Canon® and Lexmark® dye based inkjet printers.

SOHO Internet Security Appliance by MultiTech

The SOHO RouteFinder is ideal for the small branch office or telecommuter who needs secure access to the corporate LAN. In addition to providing a WAN Ethernet port for DSL or cable broadband Internet access, it also offers both client-to-LAN and LAN-to-LAN VPN connectivity based on the IPSec or PPTP protocols. The SOHO RouteFinder provides 168-bit 3DES and AES encryption to ensure that your information remains private. In addition, it offers secure Internet firewall services..

America Hears Digital Hearing Aids

America Hears patented technology is so advanced that only they can offer you. They offer Remote Adjustments via the internet with their exclusive Accessory Kit - Free with your hearing aid purchase, Do-it-yourself adjustments using your home computer and our powerful, but easy to use, fitting software, two levels of state-of-the-art technology. The Freedom 2X technology and Freedom 16X technology - both designed to fit your individual hearing and budgets needs. With America Hears you are buying direct from an FDA Approved Manufacturer saving you thousands of dollars and Worry-Free purchasing with their industry leading 60 day trial period and 100% money back guarantee.

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft knew what it was doing when it wrapped a PC inside its first game console. In addition to its computer-style features--an Ethernet port for online multiplayer gaming, an 8GB hard drive that eliminates the need for add-on memory cards, an HDTV-ready graphics adapter, and the ability to play audio CDs and DVDs--the Xbox boasts dazzling world-class gameplay. The Xbox gives you the best of both worlds.
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Canon PowerShot G5

The G5, successor to the popular Canon G3, is packed with high-end features such as a three-point focus system and a camcorder-style foldout LCD, but what truly separates this stylish 5-megapixel maverick from the competition is its output quality. The G5 produces beautifully saturated, detailed images with excellent dynamic range and shadow detail. See it to believe it.
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Sony Ericsson P800

We've seen feature-packed phones, but the P800 takes the convergence-mobile concept to a new level. Not only do you get a built-in digicam, you also get support for MP3s and MPEG-4 video. Add Bluetooth, IR, and e-mail support to the mix, and you have a phone that's ready to roam the world and then some. To top it all off, the P800 has an innovative design and a large, touch-screen display. The downside: you'll need some deep pockets if you want to talk on this pricey phone.