The city of Philadelphia is known for many things. Among them is its burgeoning technology market as well as lively talk radio shows. When combined with George Brown's 30 years plus of technical expertise the result is "The DigitalHour with George Brown"!

If you are overwhelmed by technology or just want to check out the latest product information on computers, software, home theater, mobile devices, digital media, wireless services and other aspects of the digital world, tune in to this one hour show! The show will broadcast on 860 am WWDB in Philadelphia every Thursday at 3:00 PM EST and will also be available as a live stream on the Internet.

In addition to reviewing digital products, The DigitalHour will also consider the legal, social, and larger impact of technology on our lives. Helping with these topics are a number of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the best organizations in the country.

Each past show and its topic(s) will be available for download on the day after the live broadcast.  Click here to view past shows.

A subscription to The DigitalHour enables listeners to enter contests, receive show reminders, and receive great offers on featured products! The future will bring discussion boards, live chat, live polls and surveys!

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